Effective February 18, 2011

Khalaf Oud Luthiery will no longer be offering strings and accessories for sale.

Add-To-Cart buttons have been removed from the site. If you are viewing a cached version of the site, be sure to refresh. If you place an order through a cached button, you WILL NOT receive any product. I will of course refund your purchase, but please save me some time by not completing your transaction.

For various personal reasons I've decided to scale back my involvement in the retail aspects of Khalaf Oud. I've rather enjoyed offering my services these past few years, and developing a relationship with loyal customers. That part I will miss. I've also been pleased to be a one-stop shop for oud supplies, providing the convenience of quick, easy ordering for oud enthusiasts around the world.

In the interest of continuing that service, I've offered this part of the business to a fellow oud enthusiast and friend, Brian Prunka. I couldn't be more pleased by Brian's decision to take up the torch. Brian is an outstanding multi-intrumentalist, with a focus on guitar and oud. He's the founder of the Near East River Ensemble, and is a member of several other groups, spanning traditional Arabic music to jazz. He's performed with Simon Shaheen's Qantara, and has studied extensively with Shaheen. Brian is also an accomplished composer. His knowledge of the oud and passion for the instrument will make for great customer service.

Click here to visit Brian Prunka's Oud


About Khalaf Oud Luthiery

A few years ago my parents bought me an oud as a birthday gift. Being located in an area without any oudists, I was forced to seek out information and instruction on my own. Virtually no information was in print, and very little was available on the internet. Eventually things began to improve. A book on oud construction was written, luthiers began to publish their own websites, and a popular internet forum at was established that allowed players, luthiers and beginners to share information. I even started building ouds to learn more about this "forefather" of plucked instruments. Despite these wonderful resources, there is still a bit of difficulty obtaining decent, playable instruments, information and accesories in North America, especially for a beginner. I've spent years researching strings, tunings, cases, oud-makers, picks, you name it. I thought it was time to start a website where basic information can be obtained, as well as the hard-to-find products and accessories associated with the oud. I'm hoping to share some of my experiences and make things easier for those whose shoes I was once in.

- Jameel (Khalaf) Abraham

*a note about the name "Khalaf". My paternal family name is Khalaf. Our last name was changed to Abraham (the first name of my grandfather) when my greatgrandfather emigrated to the United States. I use the name Khalaf to honor my grandfather who was not only a great admirer of the oud, but was also a dedicated woodworker.