This oud was made in 1925 by the Egyptian luthier Mohamad el-Hifnawi. It was once owned by Mohamad el-Qasabji, director and oudist of Om Kolthoum's orchestra. It is currently owned by Mike Malek.

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Damaged and poorly-repaired binding, excessive glue
Repaired binding, joint cleaned, refit pegs
Overlaid tail cover plate was very thin ivory, chipped and cracked
Tail cover was replaced with pre-ban ivory and inlaid for longevity
Missing binding, soundboard poorly attached
Soundboard re-glued with hide glue, new binding installed
Ivory rose and inlay was covered with years of grime and old glue
Ivory elements cleaned and restored
Finish was intact, but worn and dull
Refinishing with Tru-Oil varnish