This oud was made by Elias Jubran of Palestine probably in the late 70's. The face was replaced, pegbox extensively repaired and the entire oud refinished. This oud was originally purchased and is currently owned by professional oudist, composer and director of the University of Chicago Middle East Music Ensemble, Issa Boulos

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The bowl was full of random-orbit sander marks
Original condition, but the action was very high and the face split in many areas
The fingerboard was a hard glassy resin that was nevertheless worn. It was removed with much difficulty.
The pegholes were plugged and the pegbox walls were routed away to about half their thickness
New wood was glued to the pegbox to strengthen the entire structure
The pegbox walls trimmed and shaped and new pegs fit
The bowl scraped to bare wood and smoothed
The new spruce soundboard with bracing
Detail of new inlay