MusiCaravan oud strings are made to exact specifications in collaboration with oud virtuoso Üstad Necati Çelik, and we do supply him with these strings. (Necati is considered by many to be the foremost classical oud player in Turkey today.

The Necati Set

This set is designed by Necati Çelik for the tuning that he prefers, from bass to treble: B (or C#), F#, b, e, a, d'. This tuning is preferred by most Turkish classical musicians today because of its increased range and versatility when transposition is necessary. Both sets can also be used for Arabic ouds, however with Arabic tuning only (1 whole step lower).

Necati Çelik String Set for Turkish Oud

The MusiCaravan Set.

For tuning E, A, b, e, a, d. This is a very common traditional tuning, and is often considered the “standard” tuning in the United States. It is widely used by Armenian musicians.

MusiCaravan String Set

The MusiCaravan Set for Arabic oud

For tuning C F/E A d g c'. Excellent strings for Arabic tuning on Arabic length ouds. Made in the USA of the best materials. Sound sample coming soon.

MusiCaravan Arabic String Set