Lots of oud-related info here. Plus the best oud forum on the web.

Richard Hankey, a.k.a. "Dr. Oud"
author of "Oud Construction and Repair".
Nahat info, repairs, new ouds and more

Thomas Lie-Nielsen makes some of the best hand planes and hand-tools available.
Lee Valley Tools. The #1 woodworking tool catalog in North America
Best woodworking magazine and website.
Tonewoods and tools for luthiers
Mavrothis Kontanis' Oud Cafe
Issa Boulos
Oud maker Faruk Turunz
Maqam World Music Theory

Chris Vesper Tools

MusiCaravan is a website devoted to traditional music and instruments of Turkey , with a special focus on oud and ney. There are instruments for sale (oud, ney, bendir, daire, etc.) as well as oud strings and some instrument-making accessories.